Aging in Place with Alzheimer's

Aging in Place with Alzheimer's

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Successfully manage your loved one's illness, allowing him/her to delay or avoid long-term care.

Do symptoms, such as confusion, anxiety and agitation prevent your loved one from engaging in and completing activities? Are age-related physical changes affecting their ability to function physically? Difficulties like these often result in a person being moved to a long-term facility.

Our evidence-based program provides individuals with hours of enjoyable activities that have been proven to improve cognitive, physical and emotional well-being, allowing them to prolong their independence.

We have helped thousands of individuals with Alzheimer's succeed and we hope to help your loved one, too!

For a limited time, copies will also include invaluable information for caregivers on how to tackle the hardest aspects of caring for someone with Alzheimer's; de-escalation, communication and motivation. 

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