Matthew Call, ET, CSFS, began his career in mental health in 2001. He is an exercise therapist and senior fitness specialist and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As an exercise therapist, he uses physical activity combined with sensory integration and brain games to improve the physical and emotional functioning of persons with dementia while slowing their cognitive decline. In 2015, Mr. Call was approached by a New Hampshire hospital to develop a therapeutic program to enhance their patients' well-being. For three years, he worked with hundreds of individuals in collaboration with medical staff, including physicians, physical and occupational therapists, and others, to identify the most effective activities. His efforts resulted in a program that, in addition to traditional treatments, can significantly improve the quantity and quality of the lives of persons with dementia. He subsequently authored Aging in Place with Alzheimer's: A Mind and Body Exercise Program to share his teachings with individuals throughout the country. He has since helped thousands of caregivers improve the lives of their loved ones. Hospitals, assisted living and memory care facilities, home care agencies, and others also utilize his teachings. Mr. Call has spoken at many health and wellness, and caregiver conferences, most recently in Boston, Massachusetts.