Dementia Training for Police, Fire and other Emergency Services

We address the most difficult aspects of dementia-care, topics, other training courses only mentions.

Each year, in the United States, an estimated 500,000 persons will be diagnosed with dementia. For first responders, this means an ever-increasing amount of calls involving this population. On a good day, interacting with persons with dementia (PWD) can be difficult. Emergency personnel sees these people at their worst when responding to a crisis-situation, making adequate dementia training crucial for emergency services. Failure to respond correctly can and has jeopardized the safety of those involved.

Our unique educational program, Beyond the Basics, provides the knowledge and skills to care for these persons successfully. Because of the problems these individuals face, e.g. confusion, paranoia, and communication deficits, traditional interventions will not be successful. Through interactive learning, first responders will gain an understanding of how to safely address the most challenging aspects of dementia care, such as de-escalating an aggressive person. Our methods are evidence-based and are the result of observing hundreds of PWD in crises, enabling us to identify the most effective ways to manage unsafe behaviors.

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