Traditional training focuses on the fundamentals of dementia care, leaving caregivers desperate for answers when the difficulties begin. Our program, Beyond the Basics, teaches families how to address the most challenging aspects of care effectively, topics, other training courses only mention.

What else makes our program unique:

  • Before training, we conduct a phone interview to familiarize ourselves with your situation.
  • We come to you. (Remote training is also available.)
  • We personalize the training to meet your specific needs.
  • Our program includes role-play and activities to assist with your learning. 
  • And more.

Our training topics include, but are not limited to:

Communication - As dementia progresses, the ability to communicate will lesson. Proper care depends, not entirely but mostly, on understanding the needs and wants of the individual; therefore, learning alternate methods of exchanging information is imperative. In this section of our training, you'll learn proven communicative methods, allowing you to maintain communication throughout each stage. 

Motivation - An estimated 40% of persons with dementia suffer from significant depression, causing an increase in isolative behaviors while decreasing the want to engage in physical and social activity. Because remaining active is the most effective way to slow cognitive decline, caregivers need to learn ways to help their loved ones cope. Our program will teach you strategies, such as the utilization of reinforcers for completion of a nonpreferred task, a very effective intervention for those with dementia. 

Behavior Management - Over time, behaviors will become more erratic. Incidents of confusion, anxiety, and aggression become commonplace. Caregivers must possess the knowledge and skills needed to manage their loved ones. Failure to do so can result in injury to both parties. In this section of the training, you will learn how to identify and eliminate sources of distress that lead to troublesome behaviors. For example, one of the most common triggers for persons with dementia is overstimulation, caused by the inability to process external stimuli, like loud noises. Our training will teach you how to identify these triggers and how to take preventative measures, decreasing the chance for sensory overload, and more! 


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