Beyond the Basics: An Personalized Dementia Care Training for Families
We now offer remote training via Skype and Facebook Video!
Traditional training focuses on the fundamentals of dementia care, leaving families desperate for answers when the difficulties begin. Inadequate training can jeopardize the safety of your loved one. For that reason, many individuals are prematurely placed in long-term care, diminishing their quality of life and possibly longevity.  
Tackle the hardest aspects of dementia care:       
Beyond the Basics provides families with the tools and knowledge necessary to adequately care for their loved ones, allowing them to safely age in place. Developed at a hospital specializing in cognitive care, our training identifies and addresses the most challenging aspects of caring for someone with dementia, such as communication, behavior management, and more.
What else makes our in-home training unique: 
  • It's personalized to meet your specific needs
  • Includes real time, hands-on training
  • Continued support 
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