Community-based providers, such as home health agencies and adult day programs, provide critical support for persons with dementia who wish to age in place. However, their ability to properly assist these individuals depends mostly on the amount and quality of the training they receive. 

Our educational program, Beyond the Basics, provides agencies with a comprehensive dementia training program that teaches caregivers much more than other traditional training courses, including those provided by the state. Through interactive learning, e.g., role play and group activities, students will gain an understanding of how to effectively address the most challenging aspects of dementia care, topics other programs only mention.  

 Training topics include, but are not limited to:

  • De-escalating an agitated and/or aggressive person
  • Managing your client's paranoia
  • Communicating with a nonverbal individual
  • Preventing sensory overload  

 Since their training, our community-based partners have reported:

  • Decreased injury to staff and clients
  • Increased job satisfaction among direct-care workers
  • Decreased in employee turnover 
  • Improved satisfaction among client's families
  • Increased recognition within the community
  • And more

Ask us about our no-cost referral program and begin growing your business.

For more information or to schedule training, please call 941.208.5489 or send us an email at info@alzhometherapy, thanks!