Beyond the Basics: An Evidence-Based Guide to Dementia Care

Our commitment: Alzheimer's Home Therapy is dedicated to furthering the education and skills of professional caregivers so they can provide safer, more effective care.

What makes us different from other training:

  • Our program provides more than the basics. It teaches agencies how to address the problematic aspects of dementia care, such as behavior management, things traditional training only mentions.
  • We offer an interactive, hands-on educational experience that enhances learning, rather than just listening to a lecture.
  • Beyond the Basics includes activities that simulate the deficits of persons with dementia, helping trainees better understand the needs of their clients.

Our training helps organizations grow:

Not only will your caregivers improve the quality of care they provide, but our program can also help your agency grow!

  • Take on clients other agencies cannot safely manage
  • Keep existing clients longer
  • Stand out by specializing in dementia care
  • And much more

Ask us about our no-cost referral program, today!

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