The importance of movement for those with Alzheimer's

As one ages, they become more sedentary. This change in lifestyle often causes a loss of independence and is one of the leading causes of death for older adults. Remaining active provides countless benefits, such as preventing falls and decreasing the risk of chronic illness. Individuals with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia are at an even greater risk of becoming inactive. This is caused by multiple factors, but mostly due to the lack of awareness relating to the benefits of exercise for those with the disease. Physical activity has been proven to slow mental decline, alleviate symptoms and improve the overall well-being for those with a cognitive impairment. Because symptoms can interfere with physical functioning, it is important that individuals participate in dementia-safe activities. For instance, one's balance deteriorates as the disease progresses so seated activities should be utilized. Keeping individuals with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia active will help them live a longer and happier life. For more information about safe activities, please visit

Written by: Matthew Call, ET, CSFS, CDP