Alzheimer's Home Therapy

"My husband remembered how to spell and write his name. He hasn't been able to do that for over a year."

Barbara Lavine, Rotonda West, Florida

Providing dementia treatment, prevention and education.

Our unique therapy can reverse mental decline while improving emotional well-being and physical functioning.

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Alzheimer's Home Therapy's activities serve as a roadmap to help preserve and enhance the mind, body, and spirit of any older adult.

Emily-Anne Garland, BA, BSN, RN, MA, LCPC, Director of Geriatric Services at Frisbie Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NH.

As a professional who trains active, informal caregivers through evidence-based programs, Alzheimer's Home Therapy has been the ultimate resource for caregivers and their loved ones!

Crystal Pollizotti, Healthy Living Center of Excellence, SAVVY Caregiver Master Trainer, Lawrence, MA.

Alzheimer's Home Therapy's resources are vital to improving the longevity and vitality of persons with dementia.

Brittany Jennings, Resource Specialist at Seniors Blue Book, Sarasota, FL.

Alzheimer's Home Therapy's treatment program was instrumental in increasing my husband's life's quantity and quality!

Diane Ficco, Family Caregiver, Farmington, NH.

Alzheimer's Home Therapy is genuinely dedicated to helping those with dementia live longer, happier lives.

Lynne Gill, Family Caregiver, Rotonda West, FL.

Alzheimer's Home Therapy's treatment program significantly improves the well-being of persons with dementia.

Denise Gagne, RN, Rochester NH.